The 5 Greatest Dungeons From The N64 Video games (& 5 Worst)

Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Masks are unquestionably two of the best video video games of all time. These two video games alone are sufficient to raise the Nintendo 64 to legendary heights, to say nothing of The Legend of Zelda franchise. They’re two of probably the most impressed video games within the collection, defining Zelda at its finest. 

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Naturally, the console is residence to a few of the finest dungeons within the Zelda franchise, however there are a number of not so stellar dungeons littered about. They don’t pop up usually, however followers will keep in mind a number of with some justified ire. Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Masks are classics to today, however Nintendo was studying the best way to design in 3D whereas creating each video games. 

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10 BEST: Woodfall Temple

Being the primary dungeon in Majora’s Masks, Woodfall Temple tends to get lumped up with the remainder of the “first dungeons.” Everybody is aware of a primary dungeon is sure to be straightforward so that they aren’t paid as a lot thoughts. The Nice Deku Tree is nice! But it surely’s additionally extremely easy. Not like Woodfall Temple. 

Woodfall Temple is designed extra just like the Spirit Temple than it’s the Nice Deku Tree. It’s clearly meant to comply with up on what gamers realized in Ocarina of Time. Majora’s Masks finally ends up opening extremely robust consequently, with a dungeon that rivals a few of Ocarina’s finest by way of pure design. 

9 WORST: Water Temple

It truly is inconceivable to debate Ocarina of Time’s dungeons with out lingering on the headache that’s the Water Temple. The tragedy of the dungeon is that it’s really extremely nicely designed. The Water Temple is layered, nuanced, and masterfully constructed round one mechanic. It makes for an amazing labyrinth to discover. 

Sadly, the Iron Boots sluggish the dungeon right down to a crawl. It turns into genuinely tedious making one’s method by the Water Temple, particularly when misplaced. The Water Temple isn’t significantly complicated as long as one pays consideration, however it may be extraordinarily disorienting, particularly close to the start and the very finish. 

eight BEST: Gerudo Coaching Floor

Ocarina of Time’s solely optionally available dungeon, the Gerudo Coaching Floor is unlocked extraordinarily late within the recreation and the Ice Arrows don’t make for a very helpful reward even when they’re enjoyable to mess around with. Happily, the Gerudo Coaching Floor is so nicely designed that this hardly finally ends up mattering. 

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It’s difficult, thought-provoking, and throws all the pieces on the participant for one ultimate problem. Because it’s optionally available, it doesn’t maintain again as a lot as the primary recreation. It isn’t overwhelmingly tough for anybody who’s performed sufficient motion video games, however it makes for an fascinating optionally available problem in Ocarina of Time.

7 WORST: Backside Of The Properly

The Backside of the Properly is just too brief for its personal good, sadly. Ocarina of Time does horror surprisingly nicely so the dungeon remains to be memorable (within the bloody Nintendo 64 model that’s), however the precise Properly is a bit on the tasteless aspect. Not solely is it extremely brief, it’s additionally just a little bit on the complicated aspect. 

Its structure isn’t very intuitive— albeit clearly deliberately— which makes exploration a slog when misplaced. Worse but, or higher relying on the particular person, it’s not tough to stroll in, get the Lens of Fact, and stroll out in a couple of minutes. It’s barely a dungeon when taking that into consideration. 

6 BEST: Spirit Temple

The one dungeon in Ocarina of Time to utilize each baby and grownup Hyperlink, the Spirit Temple makes for an thrilling finale to Ocarina’s second act, closing out the Medallion hunt masterfully. It’s a bit more durable than earlier dungeons, emphasizing each fight and puzzle-solving. There’s a lot to like. 

Higher but, the Spirit Temple is given an insane quantity of buildup. Hyperlink has to invade Gerudo Fortress, free the Carpenters, cross the Desert, journey again in time to start out the dungeon, after which return to the longer term to complete it. The Spirit Temple has two artistic Gadgets, a bunch of mini-bosses, and a very good boss battle on the very finish. 

5 WORST: Beneath The Properly

To the franchise’s credit score, Nintendo didn’t let the Backside of the Properly fade away with out yet one more attempt. Upon getting into Ikana in Majora’s Masks, gamers will discover one more nicely to traverse, this time titled: Beneath the Properly. Conceptually, it’s higher. In execution, it’s far worse, primarily being a fetch quest for random gadgets within the recreation. 

It’s not too tough to get by, however unprepared gamers will discover the ordeal tedious. Particularly because the Nintendo 64 model takes the fetching to an excessive at instances. Worse but, Beneath the Properly transitions right into a much better dungeon, one which the Day cycle may have eaten into.

four BEST: Forest Temple

Atmospheric, conceptually sound, and filled with nice puzzles and mini-bosses, the Forest Temple is probably probably the most “full” dungeon in Ocarina of Time. It kicks off the grownup portion of the sport and it does so by placing its finest foot ahead. The Forest Temple essentially modifications the sport, providing gamers a lengthier problem. 

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With out being too demanding, the Forest Temple eases the participant into an ebb and circulate. There are moments of depth adopted by stress-free exploration, all set in a mansion misplaced to the ages. Searching ghosts with a purpose to defeat the antagonist’s shadow, the Forest Temple is definitely Ocarina of Time’s highest excessive. 

three WORST: Ganon’s Citadel

Tragically, Ocarina of Time ends on one thing of a low. The again half of Ganon’s Citadel is extremely enjoyable because it’s kind of a mini-boss rush as much as the Gerudo Thief himself, however the first half leaves rather a lot to be desired. Roughly simply taking part in round with established ideas, Ganon’s Citadel treats itself as the sport’s ultimate problem. 

A ultimate problem that Ocarina of Time didn’t actually need. Ganon’s Citadel is exhausting, taking Hyperlink by acquainted settings with acquainted puzzles. Ganon’s Citadel ought to have been its personal factor ala A Hyperlink to the Previous’s ultimate dungeon. As is, Ocarina of Time kicks off its finale in a slightly uninspired method. 

2 BEST: Stone Tower Temple

The finale masks dungeon in Majora’s Masks, the Stone Tower Temple is MM’s Spirit Temple, requiring gamers to make use of each model of Hyperlink to achieve the tip. Not solely will the dungeon seemingly eat up a lot of the participant’s time— making it all of the tenser— it has two distinct phases, making it all of the more durable. 

It actually seems like the sport’s ultimate dungeon (and in a method it’s), providing gamers problem after problem to earn their hold. Even the Stray Fairies are arduous to search out, scattered between each dungeon phases. The Large’s Masks on the finish is simply the icing on the cake, bringing a implausible dungeon to a really memorable shut. 

1 WORST: The Moon

Sadly, the Stone Tower Temple isn’t Majora’s Masks’s ultimate dungeon and the sport goes on for only a bit longer. Conceptually, The Moon is such an impressed space. It’s aesthetically stunning, requiring Hyperlink to surrender his masks with a purpose to make progress. The actual fact the dungeon may be carried out in any order (or by no means) can also be an enormous plus. 

That mentioned, it’s simply not all that enjoyable. The Moon isn’t significantly difficult or thrilling. Of the 4 most important sections, solely the Twinmold Masks presents something remotely fascinating. It doesn’t finish the sport on a whimper because the Majora struggle remains to be loads of enjoyable, however it actually is for the perfect that Hyperlink can skip proper to the ultimate boss.

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