Raitaru Struggle in FDZ | The Historic Gaming Noob

Don’t care, had enjoyable


I noticed the ping for Cainun’s fleet about 5 minutes after it popped.  There was a way of urgency in it that made me determine to provide it a cross.  In the event that they had been in a rush about one thing I used to be most likely too late to make it.  However a pair minutes later a observe up ping got here up; Cainun  wanted extra individuals in fleet.  So I logged in.

As soon as in I needed to dig round to see if I had the suitable ship.  I discussed that the Imperium was transferring Keepstars for staging in 1DQ and at this level about half my stuff continues to be within the previous Preserve.  It was an Eagle fleet, and I didn’t have a Basilisk in my hangar.  I moved a bunch of stuff in my Fax and Dread… going towards all warnings and warping them between Retains… however didn’t pack a lot logi as a result of they all the time have refits within the cargo.  No area priest position for me.  I did, nonetheless, have an Eagle in my hangar.  I wasn’t positive if it was the suitable match, but it surely was most likely shut sufficient.  I received in fleet prepared to simply shoot issues for as soon as.

I’m all the time optimistic about how rapidly a fleet goes to get transferring.  It all the time takes extra time than I feel it’ll, although this time we had the alternative of the standard issues, with too many boosters and an excessive amount of help and an excessive amount of sort out, so Cainun was making an attempt to get individuals into Eagles and Basilisks.

Nonetheless, we received ourselves undock and going, warping first to a different citadel to take a titan bridge, then off for a vacation spot in Fountain.

Eagle up and away

The tempo was fast, we had been clearly headed off to a timer of some type.  We entered Fountain and located an incursion ready for us.  Nonetheless there have been no NPCs on the gates and we jumped into one other system to discover a wormhole ready for us.

An incursion tinged wormhole

We had been by means of that and off to a different vacation spot system.  That too had a wormhole ready for us.

One other wormhole for us

By the second wormhole… each had been direct regular area connections… we discovered ourselves up within the northeast of New Eden null sec.  And when Cainun set our vacation spot to FDZ4-A I knew what we had been as much as.

FDZ is the one system in Geminate with an NPC station.  I’ve a soar clone and a few ships there as a result of it’s the place you base if you wish to hit Pandemic Horde, which owns Geminate and neighboring TKE.  House Violence and Black Ops each hold a presence there and I had seen updates simply the day earlier than a couple of Raitaru that had been planted up there being hit by PH.

I figured we had been headed to the ultimate timer for that, which Cainun confirmed as we received nearer to the system.  He additionally instructed us that PH had dreads and carriers on the sector, in order that we weren’t going to have the ability to save the Raitaru.  We had been there simply to get a battle and see what we may kill and have some enjoyable doing it.

Eagle fleets depend upon velocity.  We received into FDZ, took our medicine… if we remembered to convey them.  I really had extra medicine than required, however took all of the efficiency enhancing objects I had in my cargo because it appeared seemingly we would endure important losses.

Cainun warped us on grid with the construction and we anchored up and adopted him into the hazard zone.

Eagles curving across the battle

Across the Raitaru was the PH fleet.  They introduced out greater than they wanted for the kill and even any seemingly opposition, however it’s good to get the larger toys out to play with, particularly when you stay inside cyno vary.

Pandemic Horde on the construction

We had been there for the battleship fleet they introduced, which fashioned round Apocalypses and Megathrons.  Transferring quick and on the fringe of our vary with spike loaded, we took photographs at targets as they had been known as.  Early ones received reps rapidly sufficient, however others we had been capable of burn down earlier than they might get logi help.

Apocalypse is main

The carriers started sending fighters our method, so we pulled some vary and set about kiting and killing these as an alternative.  From then on it was backwards and forwards between battleships and fighters, with the occasional different goal hoving into vary.

And we had been getting kills.  Nonetheless, we had been additionally taking losses.  The Eagles remained largely intact, permitting us to maintain delivering sufficient injury to kill issues.  However PH had been centered on our logi, so Basilisks and Ospreys had been getting blown up often, whittling away our means to remain alive in the long run.  Once we had been down greater than a dozen logi, it was time to go out.

Cainun turned us for the exit and we left, taking a dozen or so gates to the third wormhole of the night time, which dropped us again in Delve.  From there it was just some gates dwelling.

Again in Delve

Total, the operation couldn’t be measured as successful.  We misplaced the target because the Raitaru was destroyed.  The battle report reveals us shedding the ISK warfare.  We drew some blood, however simply misplaced two ISK for each one we killed.

Battle Report Header

Nevertheless it was a quick and thrilling op in a time of relative quiet and stagnation in null sec.  You’re taking your fights when you will discover them and Cainun’s present philosophy, as quoted on the high, is that some enjoyable is definitely worth the ISK expended.

Addendum: I used to be instructed there was a video take of the battle and solely simply discovered it.

This explains my “Hazard Zone” point out.  Additionally, I used to be going to say the fixed reminder on coms to get on the anchor, however the video reveals why that was a factor.  We had been in every single place.