Metallic Gear: The 10 Greatest Boss Fights, Ranked

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In fact, some entries within the collection are understandably higher than others, with higher boss fights as well. So what makes a very good Metallic Gear boss? They have to be memorable; their combat must have that means; their area must be effectively designed; and, most significantly, they have to be enjoyable to combat. 

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10 Colonel Volgin

One of the best Metallic Gear boss fights are nearly like playgrounds, one thing Metallic Gear Strong three completely excels at. There are a couple of methods to deal with Volgin as a boss, however the sport does besides Bare Snake to duke it out man to man. Naturally, there are methods to get round this and so they’re all artistic. 

Snake can simply beat on Volgin earlier than pulling out a gun; placed on Raikov’s masks so as to briefly trick Volgin; or throw a frog at Volgin. There are lots of methods to get across the Colonel’s skills and so they all make for one of the fascinating boss fights within the collection. 

9 Hind D

The Hind D boss combat doesn’t give gamers a lot room for creativity, as an alternative serving as one of the conventional boss fights within the collection. On one hand, because of this the Hind D combat lasts fairly some time. However, it really makes gamers really feel like they’re single handedly taking down a Hind D in actual life. 

The Hind D battle is a full on endurance match, and it comes at a degree within the sport the place gamers have to both get their act collectively or undergo. Its size makes it tougher than some other boss as much as that time, however this simply makes the showdown between Snakes all of the extra enthralling. 

eight Revolver Ocelot (MGS3)

Like with Volgin, Revolver Ocelot is a boss combat the place gamers are given fairly a little bit of freedom to mess around with. Not solely are Snake and Ocelot on reverse sides of a canyon (permitting extra interactivity between planes,) Ocelot has his Ocelot Unit watching the combat, that means that gamers can set off reactions from them. 

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They’ll cheer for Ocelot, boo Snake, or outright chortle on the participant for enjoying poorly. Snake can shoot a beehive so as to set off bees that assault Ocelot, and even shoot Ocelot’s cap off mid-fight. Ought to Snake stroll as much as the ledge of the world, gamers may even activate a duel with Ocelot. 

7 Fatman

Fatman is a simple boss to underestimate. Not solely is he a bit on the grotesque aspect, his arc in Metallic Gear Strong 2 feels essentially the most disconnected from the general plot. That mentioned, he makes for an unbelievable boss combat, simply the most effective of the Useless Cell fights. Fatman principally builds off the inspiration that Vulcan Raven laid within the first sport. 

What this implies is that gamers have a large area to experiment with together with the flexibility to make use of nearly each single weapon of their disposal. There isn’t any fallacious method to combat Fatman. Of the Metallic Gear Strong 2 boss fights, he’s the one that provides the participant essentially the most selection. 

6 Vamp (MGS2)

Tragically, Fatman isn’t the most effective Useless Cell boss combat. That honor belongs to Vamp. Particularly, his first boss combat in Metallic Gear Strong 2. Like Fatman, this can be a battle the place gamers are allowed to make use of nearly every thing at their disposal. The one key distinction is that this combat takes place method later within the sport. 

In consequence, Raiden’s arsenal is way bigger. Extra importantly, the stakes are the best they’ve been up up to now. If Raiden can’t defeat Vamp right here and now, it’s over. In fact, Vamp doesn’t find yourself dying, however that simply finally ends up elevating MGS2’s already unbelievable plot. 

5 Metallic Gear RAY (MGS2)

The final third of Metallic Gear Strong 2 actually is one thing particular, particularly as soon as gamers attain Arsenal Gear. Bizarre and downright horrifying at occasions, Sons of Liberty units in a brand new tone, one which leaves gamers (and Raiden) questioning for the remainder of the sport. All of it culminates in a showdown between Raiden and a bunch of Metallic Gear RAYs. 

What’s fascinating about this combat is that Raiden has to defeat extra RAY models the upper the problem is. On European Excessive, this boss combat simply finally ends up essentially the most difficult boss battle gamers might want to cope with. Just like the Hind D battle, it’s a conventional boss combat, but it surely’s dealt with impeccably effectively due to context, environment, and the gameplay loop. 

four Solidus 

Theoretically, the Solidus remaining boss combat shouldn’t work. After a whole sport of gunplay, gamers are rapidly anticipated to learn to use a sword for the ultimate battle. Fortunately, Metallic Gear Strong 2 really options a whole gameplay sequence the place gamers can apply utilizing the blade. 

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By the point the Solidus combat begins, they received’t be consultants, however they’ll know easy methods to maneuver their weapon. This makes for an fascinating, climactic showdown as Raiden desperately tries to kill his father determine, all orchestrated by The Patriots. It’s an intense, if deceptively morbid, observe to finish the sport on. 

three Liquid Ocelot

Metallic Gear Strong four’s remaining boss combat, the duel with Liquid Ocelot is a spectacle not like some other. Taking gamers via 4 generations of Metallic Gear historical past, the hud displays all 4 Strong video games as much as that time, even sampling music from Metallic Gear Strong, Sons of Liberty, and Snake Eater. The entire battle makes for a fantastic ending to the Strong Snake saga. 

Like with the Solidus combat, gamers are anticipated to grasp new mechanics for this showdown. Fortunately, it’s all CQC so the battle is not less than rooted in MGS4’s core fight. As a remaining boss combat, it’s the most effective in your entire medium, bringing the collection to a poetic, if temporary, conclusion. 

2 The Boss

The Boss is principally the Liquid Ocelot combat, however much less on rails and method much less self indulgent. An area battle, Bare Snake can deal with The Boss nearly any which method he pleases. There are even snakes within the area that Snake can use to his benefit. On the 5 minute mark, “Snake Eater” performs and the ultimate boss combat attracts to its shut. 

It’s a fantastic method to shut out Snake Eater, placing Bare Snake and The Boss’ relationship on full show. In lots of respects, it’s the finally realization of the world boss combat stemming all the way in which again to Vulcan Raven in MGS1. Although there may be one boss that does a greater job in that regard. 

1 The Finish

The Finish isn’t solely the best Metallic Gear boss combat of all time, he might very effectively be the most effective online game boss interval. The quantity of leeway that Metallic Gear Strong three permits it audiences is unreal. It’s doable to simply wait out the boss combat fully, letting sufficient time cross in actual life for The Finish to die of previous age.

Selecting to combat him correctly is the way in which to go, although, as his boss combat takes place throughout an unlimited jungle with Bare Snake needing to hunt for his foe as The Finish tries to snipe him out. It’s a tense, memorable battle that eases gamers into Snake Eater’s unbelievable second half.

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