EVE Vegas 2019 Swag | The Historical Gaming Noob

If you get again dwelling late Monday afternoon and are on the hook for work Tuesday morning, it may possibly take a bit to get all of your stuff collectively.  Writing a abstract was really simpler.

EVE Vegas Invasion World Tour Shirt

However someplace alongside the course of the week I did managed to gather every part… I feel it’s every part… collectively for an image.

The swag assortment

There are some extra buttons and pins on my lanyard, which has been via 5 EVE Vegas occasions now.  You may see the very good EVE Scout coin that Katia Sai gave me.  I additionally saved my document of getting an Open Comms shirt yearly, together with the pin.  I didn’t should hit up Dirk this time although, as there was one in my dimension up on the charity public sale which had only a $10 bid.  I couldn’t let it go for that low cost, so I doubled the bid and walked away with it myself.

We will see what occurs in 2020, with a participant run EVE Vegas returning and a CCP occasion in San Diego.

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