An Impenetrable Fortress – Fantasy Flight Video games

“Once you face the darkness of the Shadowlands, you should be unflinching, lest you develop into the topic you want to research.”
   –Kuni Ritsuko 

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The Kaiu Wall stands in defiance of the evil gathering on the border of the Emerald Empire. However calling this huge construction a easy wall is a disservice to the final protection Rokugan has towards Fu Leng’s area. Most samurai of the Emerald Empire won’t ever know the horrors that await them ought to this wall fail. However the Crab Clan know this risk all too nicely.

The Crab perceive their obligation, and what it means ought to they fail. Sustaining the Wall, preventing on the frontlines, and utilizing jade to cleanse the soldiers that return are all important components of the machine that ensures the Emerald Empire stays protected.

Be part of us at this time as we preview the Crab Clan’s instruments present in Defenders of Rokugan, a brand new Clan Pack for Legend of the 5 Rings: The Card Sport!

Defenders of Rokugan consists of 78 new playing cards (three copies every of 23 totally different playing cards and 1 copy every of 9 totally different playing cards) largely specializing in the Crab Clan and their function as protectors of the Emerald Empire from the lethal southern Shadowlands.

A Towering Construction

Defenders of Rokugan is exclusive among the many Clan Packs of Legend of the 5 Rings: The Card Sport, that includes six distinctive 1-per-deck holdings representing the huge Kaiu Wall. These

holdings will change the best way the Crab function throughout the recreation, every turning into stronger the extra Kaiu Wall holdings you at present have in your provinces. We’ve beforehand revealed
Northern Curtain Wall

(Defenders of Rokugan, 13),
River of the Final Stand

(Defenders of Rokugan, 14), and
Watchtower of Valor

(Defenders of Rokugan, 17). However the Wall nonetheless holds many surprises.
Seventh Tower

(Defenders of Rokugan, 15) can reward the Crab for his or her vaunted defensive maneuvers, and turns into stronger the extra Kaiu Wall holdings you management. Ought to your complete province row characteristic Kaiu Wall holdings, the Crab can be rewarded each time they win a battle on protection.

With so many holdings on the sector, it may be troublesome to recruit dynasty characters to your area. Fortunately, Defenders of Rokugan options loads of methods to recruit Crab samurai even when your provinces are stuffed with holdings.

Favorable Dealbroker

(Defenders of Rokugan, 9) affords a particular two for one-deal. When he enters play, you could search your dynasty deck for a personality with a printed price of 1 and put it into play. This offers you entry to all kinds of Crab reinforcements, together with the
Air purifier Apprentice

(Defenders of Rokugan, four), who can additional improve your rewards for a robust protection. Choosing a brand new character out of your deck to position instantly on the sector circumvents the area restriction introduced on by establishing to many holdings, and might shortly overwhelm your opponent if they’re ill-prepared.

Unyielding Sensei

(Defenders of Rokugan, eight), alternatively, offers a special path to recruiting Crab Samurai. The Sensei can dig deep into your deck, filling your provinces with a number of playing cards. This can be a distinctive scenario in Legend of the 5 Rings: The Card Sport, and permits the Crab to recruit new samurai from provinces whereas in addition they include transformative holdings.

Whereas holdings can usually block the recruitment of latest samurai, the ingenuity of the Crab permits them to be as environment friendly as doable. 

A Honest Combat

The Crab are usually not ones for subtlety, most preferring to depend on their power and political prowess as a substitute of methods and wit. Once they are available battle with different clans, they are going to meet them on the battlefield or within the courtroom head on.

(Defenders of Rokugan, 29) is a strong Spell that may solely price the Crab part of their soul. For 2 honor, you possibly can clean your opponent’s provinces for the flip, erasing any skills and making certain the Crab may have no nasty surprises once they go on the offensive.

The Crab may also mitigate surprises throughout defensive conflicts. In case your opponent is silly sufficient to assault the
Kuni Wasteland

(Defenders of Rokugan, 2), their samurai can shortly lose their identities as their character skills and key phrases develop into restricted. This could throw your opponent’s plans into chaos, as they scramble to readjust their technique when the Kuni Wasteland saps their samurai of their will.

With these new instruments of their arsenal, the Crab are able to defend Rokugan with a would possibly unmatched all through the Emerald Empire. 

The Final Protection

The Kaiu Wall stands as an enormous fortress, daring the forces of the Shadowlands to try to invade the Emerald Empire. There, the Crab are ready, able to defeat threats each inner and exterior, and carry out their sworn obligation. Will you stand with Rokugan’s stalwart defenders when Defenders of Rokugan releases within the fourth quarter of 2019?

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